Past Programs

May 2016


Distro Dojos train post-seed, pre-A companies to do better growth marketing, and give them the funding to do it ($100K-$200K USD). We’re looking for companies with strong product market fit who are preparing to raise their Series A funding in the near future.

Distro Dojo Marketing Accelerator
Location: Stockholm, Sweden


January 2016


500 Nordics Pre-Accelerator
Location: Oslo, Norway

Our pre-accelerator is an intensive 1 month program hosted in Oslo, Norway. We are currently taking applications for the first program that starts in January 2016. We invest $10K USD in exchange for a 2% equity stake in your company. We charge a $3K USD program fee for net $7K USD to your company. From week to week, you’ll be exposed to a number of awesome talks, office hours, events, and hands-on mentorship in customer acquisition, international expansion, analytics, design and UX, fundraising, business development, and much much more.

Look out for additional programs and workshops throughout the Nordics.