Stockholm Distro Dojo: Final Week Wrap Up

And so it comes to an end. While the companies will be receiving 8 more weeks of remote counseling from 500 Startups mentors, the on-site portion of the program officially comes to a close today. The last four weeks have been educational, hectic, intense, and fun. We’ve learned a lot, and we hope the companies have as well!

The sun has arrived in Stockholm! What better way to enjoy it than with a rooftop lunch.

This week picked up where last week left off. The majority of the week continued with the focus on experiments and analyzing data from the last two weeks to figure out how best to kickstart the growth we’ve been after. Mat JohnsonDiego de Jódar, and Steven Dupree continue to offer their expertise and support. And while we sadly had to bid farewell to Steven at the beginning of the week, we also received two new superstars, PR expert Kelsey Cullen and legal wizard Neil Dugal, who helped with even more coaching throughout the latter half of the week.

Smaka på Stockholm, one of Stockholm’s largest food festivals, kicked off on Thursday and runs through the end of the weekend.

Once again, the social calendar was packed (one of the benefits of sitting at an amazing venue like SUP46). On Tuesday, we had a farewell dinner for Steven at Meatballs for the People: excellent meatballs and cozy atmosphere, can very highly recommend for anyone looking for a nice twist on the traditional Swedish dish. On Wednesday, Natalia Brzezinksi hosted Startup Grind with food and drinks, a fireside chat, and mingling. SUP46 also hosted a game night together with Univrses, where you could battle your friends in VR arenas.

Rémi, Marius, and Mathias enjoy battling each other in VR arenas at the game night hosted by SUP46 and Univrses

Synch, the go-to law firm for emerging tech-companies, hosted an event on Thursday to mark the release, in collaboration with 500, of a Swedish version of the KISS-convertible. KISS (“Keep It Simple Security”) is a set of free legal documents for founders and investors that can be used to raise money quickly & easily. Sean and Neil also gave talks, along with Synch’s own Oskar Belani and Mikael Moreira.

Team Content Central enjoying the event at Synch
Sean and Neil host a talk, along with Synch’s own Oskar and Mikael


Mat and Kelsey enjoying some sun on the balcony at the Synch event

The past 4 weeks have been fantastic to say the least. To properly celebrate, we’ll head to Scandic Continental’s rooftop bar for some goodbye drinks before everyone heads home. An ending like this is always a little bittersweet, but we also know that this is the beginning of something big for each and every company that we’ve worked with.

Justin from Saffron heads out on the town to hand out some codes. Hope to see you all at Demo Day!

Stay tuned for updates as they continue to grow and kick ass, and make sure to watch out for the Demo Day in Stockholm (preliminary date September 4th) where the companies will introduce what they’ve accomplished over the past 4 months!