Saffron: Bringing World-Class Meals Straight to Your Door

During all of our Distro Dojos, we meet a lot of interesting companies doing a lot of interesting and ground-breaking work. Saffron, the second company we’ll be profiling, is on a mission to bring world-class meals prepared by some of Sweden’s best chefs straight to your front door.

We sat down with Co-founders Joseph Hajj and Justin Drees to learn more about Saffron and how they’re trying to turn the food delivery industry on its head, once again.

500: So who are you guys, and what do you do?
We are Saffron, a company that brings delicious meals delivered to your door. We combine a strong online experience with food made by top chefs to help our customers answer the question: what do I eat tonight? With Saffron, food by top-chefs is a simple click away.

500: How did the idea first come about?
The idea emerged from our own lifestyles. With kids and active lives, we found ourselves struggling with eating good food at the end of the day and often ended up with pizza, sushi or whipping up something quick and dirty. We lacked an alternative where we could have great meals delivered at an affordable price and decided to solve it!

500: What made you apply for the Dojo, and what’s the main take away from the journey so far?
As opposed to some other incubators, we get the opportunity to work with very experienced professionals who not only discuss overall strategy, but actually get their hands dirty together with us. The vast marketing experience in the 500  team was what made us apply in the first place and their data-driven approach suits us really well.

500: As founders, what has been your most exciting moment?
Its the small things for us. Launching and completing the first purchase on stage, in front of 600 people at STHLM tech was one of them. We sat up all night fixing bugs and we were nervous until the very last minute about it not working! In the end it was a bold move that worked out great! Another great memory for us was getting our first customer that none of us knew beforehand. We immediately started calling the whole team asking if someone knew him, and when it turned out he was our first organic customer we were extremely happy!

Part of the Saffron team: (L to R) Justin, 2016 Chef of the Year Thomas Sjögren, and Joseph! (Photo credit: Sara Lindh of Breakit)

500: What has been your biggest challenge so far, and how did you handle it?
The biggest challenge thus far has without a doubt been to build this company while having full time jobs (Joseph) and being on paternity leave (Justin). We are full time entrepreneurs today, but spent more than six months with a lot of hard work on two or three fronts to get our baby up and running.

500: Any advice for any aspiring entrepreneurs that are reading?
Running a start-up is more work than you could ever imagine. Don’t be surprised and do not fear putting in an enormous amount of hours. Also, don’t be afraid to bootstrap in the beginning and use your brain to learn what you would normally have hired someone for if you took in some money early.

500: Finally, give us a fun fact about each of you!
Joseph: Despite wanting to be a professional football player, the total lack of talent with a football forced me to spend a lot of my childhood as a top-ranked chess player instead.

Justin: When I was a broke university student in need of a haircut, I decided to learn how to cut my own hair by arranging a couple of mirrors and then cutting away. I haven’t been back to the barber since (2003).

Despite being one of the younger companies in the Stockholm Distro Dojo, the Saffron team has been able to maintain their fast growth by delivering a high-quality, and extremely delicious, product. Trust us, we’ve ordered lunch from Saffron a number of times over the past few weeks and it’s always been fantastic. So make sure to give it a try and place an order as soon as possible!