Stockholm Distro Dojo: Week Three Wrap Up

Another week has come to an end here at the Stockholm Distro Dojo, and that means we only have 1 week left of on-the-ground support before our companies head back to their own offices. But that doesn’t meant we’re not working as hard or having any less fun!

Starting the week off with a kickoff meeting

This week has focused on continuing the experiments that each of the companies began testing last week, gathering increased data, analyzing the results, and determining new experiments to run. With the help of Mat JohnsonDiego de Jódar, and the newly arrived Steven Dupree, each of the companies is performing well and looking to ramp up their performance even more in the coming weeks!

Robbie Bouschery introducing the Pirate Summit

While the week may have been a bit lighter in terms of talks and office hours, the social calendar was as full as always. Monday evening saw the arrival of the infamous pirates from Cologne, on tour throughout Europe to promote the upcoming Pirate Summit.

Apparently they like to set things on fire at Pirate Summit

The evening included pitches from seven different startups to be judged by a panel of 3, including our very own Stina Liland Nysæther, Kenneth Dambo from Northcap, and Robbie Bouschery from Pirate Summit. The winners received a free trip to Cologne for this year’s event, definitely an exciting prize. Big congrats to iControl and MiK for their victories, and good luck at Pirate Summit!

Stina introducing her self (and her famous red glittery Converse)

Mat and Steven hosted a growth hacking talk at SUP46 on Tuesday evening, where they shared tips, tricks, and past examples of companies that had come up with innovative ways to kickstart their growth.

Stina introducing the program for the evening, along with our valued partners Almi Invest, Amazon Web Services, and SUP46
Mat introducing Distro Hacking (we don’t like Growth Hacking, we feel it can be a bit overused at times)
Steven giving some more tips and tricks on kickstarting growth
Q&A panel with both Mat and Steven

Great to see so many people in attendance, and thanks to both speakers for an interesting program; especially great to see Maria Kessling from our partner Almi Invest in the crowd!

Thanks to Maria Kessling from Almi Invest for joining us for the evening!

Wednesday ended with some calm afterwork drinks at Boqueria, in anticipation of Thursday’s all-day event Sting Day, which was attended by both 500 investors and a number of our Distro companies.

Which brings us to Friday. We’re wrapping up the week in style, and heading to Out of Office at Münchenbryggeriet tonight, one of Stockholm’s largest afterwork events. We’ll be joined by a couple of our Distro companies, as well as some of the guys from Amazon Web Services. We’ll try to recap the evening over the weekend for those interested, but it is definitely not one to be missed so head down there if you’re in Stockholm and happen to be free (or check out their events in any of the other cities where they get down)!

Relaxed afterwork drinks at Boqueria in preparation for Sting Day

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and look forward to kicking off the fourth and final week and getting down to business before the end of the on-site program! Once again, a big shoutout and HUGE thanks to our partners Almi InvestAmazon Web Services, and SUP46 for their amazing support, without which none of this would be possible!