Stockholm Distro Dojo: Week Two Wrap Up

It’s been another exciting week here in Stockholm! With the help of our amazing experts and mentors, our companies have started running a number of experiments to test what kind of marketing work best to help boost their sales and signups.

Our office is finally starting to look like a home with the addition of some great looking wall logos

To start the week off, we had Mat Johnson join us from the U.S. Mat is a partner at 500 Startups, in charge of global roll-out of the Distro Dojo concept, and will be with us in Stockholm for the remainder of the program.

Welcome to Stockholm Mat!

Unfortunately as we said hello to Mat we also had to say goodby to Sean Percival, who flew back to the U.S. on Friday to continue his awesome work from homebase in California (don’t worry, he’ll still be very involved from the other side of the pond).

This week the companies really started testing and implementing everything we try to teach during the Dojo.

A unicorn flies above one of our desks. Great inspiration for the future!

Along with talks on topics such as email marketing, pricing and positioning, AdWords, A/B testing, SEO, and marketing toolsets, we had a number of sessions with incredible mentors including: Claus Verner from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alex Grechanowski from Marketing Sutra, and Jessica Nilsson from Northzone.

Sean leads one of the week’s many discussions

We also held a number of sensei huddles where the companies could get more tailored help and advice from Sean and Mat.

But once again, hard work also requires a bit of fun and the social calendar this week was definitely a full one. The week kicked off with Startup Grind and a special visit from Annie Lööf, Leader of the Centre Party and former Minister of Enterprise in Sweden.

Annie Lööf at Startup Grind

Tuesday was May 17th and Norwegian Independence Day, and what kind of neighbors would we be if we didn’t help them celebrate properly!

Syttende mai in Stockholm!

The White Bull TechChampions event took place Wednesday night, with our very own Stina Liland sitting on the panel and Sergej Kotliar from BitRefill pitching to the attentive crowd.

Stina speaking at TechChampions
Segej, founder of BitRefill, pitches at TechChampions

Finally, we had a night of fun, food, and games at O’Learys Mall of Scandinavia with the crew from AWS. After fierce competition, the end of the night saw both a single winner and a couple’s tournament winner crowned. We also managed to squeeze in a couple holes of mini-golf, and a few beers as well!

The start of the competition had all members tense with anticipation
Getting up to knock ’em all down
You can’t see it, but that was definitely a strike
Perfect form on display from Diego
Fredrik from AWS lines up a shot on the minigolf course

As usual, we are working hard but there is still plenty more to done. A number of experiments should be done next week, and we will be excited to see what those results mean for practical implementation in the days and weeks to come. But as always, the work never ends! Stay tuned next week for some interviews with our founders, as well as ongoing updates from our Dojo progress!

Mat leads another of the week’s many talks

Finally, a HUGEEEE thank you to our amazing partners that have made all this possible: Almi Invest, Amazon Web Services, and SUP46!