Stockholm Distro Dojo: Week One Wrap Up

Week one of the Stockholm Distro Dojo has finally come to an end, and what a week it has been. Fast, furious, and fun, this week has been a great introduction to all that the Dojo is!

We kicked the week off with some introductions, both about the Dojo and our 7 amazing startups that will be participating in the program (you can read more about them here).

Introducing our startups to the Distro Dojo!
Sean introduces the 500 values

Talks about process and pitches, analytics, fundraising strategy, and even life in Silicon Valley helped fill out the busy schedule. The companies also had the chance to sit down for private office hours with Sean Percival, Diego de Jódar, Alfred Ruth, and Yang Liu. Clearly a productive week!

But true to the 500 spirit, we also managed to have a little fun. We kicked off the week on Monday with a community mingle, where investors and media could come and meet the first Stockholm batch.

Wednesday morning saw a protest, arranged by STHLM Tech, in front of the Riksdag regarding the Swedish government’s policies around housing, education, and stock options. Our witty signs ensured that a number of our founders were interviewed by major news outlets, including Dagens Indsutri, Bloomberg, Newsweek, The Local, and SvD.

Just a few of the signs we brought to the protest. Clearly, we were not the most serious protesters (though the issue is indeed a very serious one).
#Percival4Pres #YesHeCan



And then, all of a sudden, Friday was upon us. We closed out the week hosting a Happy Hour afterwork in collaboration with SUP46. But again, true to the 500 spirit, the party had to have an emoji theme. Words won’t do it justice, so just have a look at the pictures.

Just a bit more work to do before the party begins
Just a bit more work to do before the party begins

A large beer deserved after a hard day’s work
Sean explains how 500 Nordics landed in Stockholm, and the purpose behind the Distro Dojo
Pizza was on hand, though it was not the tastiest

No emoji party is complete without smiley balloons!
Stockholm summer calls for watermelon!

We think she got cut off after that one…

We were even lucky enough to have Norwegian group Teddy and the Love Gang on hand to serenade us throughout the night. Quite the treat!

Moral of the story? This first week was about defining a long term strategy and what each team wants to achieve by the end of the Dojo, getting analytics in place, and creating a foundation for growth so that we know what we can measure and drive that over the next few weeks. We’re extremely happy with the progress the companies have made, but there is still much more to be done! This week has flown by, but we’re super excited to start week 2 so stay tuned!