So, Monday is here, and despite the horrible Bergen-like weather, we are ready to kick off the new week.

Last week we focused on marketing and the startups were lucky to have a visit from Mat Johnson, Partner at 500 Startups, and Neil Murray from The Nordic Web. Karen Heskja from DNB Stavanger, visited for mentoring and Sendgrid was hosting both dinner and a lecture in email marketing. Helene Friis from Telenor was talking about digital marketing, and Lars Johan Bjørkevoll from Xeneta talked about his experience building their global logistics management platform.

SEAN monday
Monday Sean kicked off the week with some success and failure sharing time…

Sean email marketing
…and also some advise in email marketing for the startups. Question; Did he pose for this photo or not?

Simon from FilmGrail is fairly photogenic, and we love it.

Tuesday we had a visit from Sendgrid, they were giving out t-shirts and mentorship. Every pre-seed founder appreciates a free shirt of course.


Poster boy Erlend from Museai. Lovin`n it.

Wednesday Mat Johnson held his lecture on price and positioning and some Silicon Valley juicy information was given to the founders.

math price and positioning
Wednesday was also the day for Neil Murrays Fireside Chat, and here was Dan from Someone.io, Maria from IRIS AI, and Dans wife getting ready for Fireside Chat.

fireside chat cool

fireside m neil

GUYS AT fireside

Some people just like working like this, and thats okay, as long as shit gets done.


neil and sean
Thursday started out with Neil Murray hosting The 2015 Norwegian Funding analysis live at MESH. A lot of great question were raised, and the discussion of the Norwegian startup scene raised some interesting issues.

After a successful event, it was time for a lecture in PR, and how to communicating with journalists.

wrapup w32

Friday we had AMA with Sean and Mat Johnson and some pitch prep followed by a SUPERPOWER party at Maris place, our Happiness Manager. The task was really not that easy; what is your superpower?

egfgs DF

Simon in his crash test dummy-outfit won the costume competition, and the price was a bottle of SEXY champagne. Sexy price for a sexy costume.

Stina as the Startup Queen, Marley just being sweet as candy (chocolate, of course). Lauga Oskarsdottir was earlier in the week mentoring in marketing, and was inspired by this for her costume.

Mat and Sean getting their looney toons on.

We were also SUPER lucky to get a private show from Casa Murilo in the living room, and that really set the mood for the night. Party up, and check out their new single “High Flyer”!

Were super exited for this upcoming week! Cheers.