Its Sunday, the sun is up, and another great week into the program is coming to an end. This week the batch mates has done some pretty interesting and awesome things; old school field trip at the Norwegian School of Architecture and Design, a guided tour around the Vulkan Area by Sverre Landmark from Aspelin Ramm.

500 fun

We also had a family visit from the 500 Startups family in Silicon Valley, Creative Director Yiying Lu, educating us in creative branding. Here with the Museai-guys, wearing their sunny bright smiles as always.

week two 2
Design focused field trip to the Norwegian School of Architecture and design. Stina here giving the guys some comforting words in case there were any claustrophobic souls (it was a really small room, with fences).

wrap up week two 5
Some of the guys liked the smell in the custom made spray painting room. Dan, CMO Someone.io (right) not so much.

wrap up week two 6
“IT MOVES” -Terje, Someone.io.

wrap up week two 7

Seeing yourself on a screen is always funny, especially if your a grown ass entrepreneur. Here in Virtual Reality!

wrap up week two 8

wrap up week two 9

Jakob Palmers from Graphiq Design tried to hack the VR to see himself.

wrap up week two 10

Despite the cold and rainy weather we were blessed with this week, Sverre Landmark from Aspelin Ramm, a well established real-estate developer in Oslo,  gave us a pretty cool tour of the Vulkan Area.

wrap up week two 12

The vulkan Area has a lot of interesting establishments. Besides bars, restaurants, concert halls, apartments and schools, this also includes a hotel in the heart of it all. Sverre gave us his thoughts behind the development behind the Vulkan Area. This hotel is run with a social conscience, and they only employ people who has challenges finding a job.

wrap up week two 11

Mathallen in Oslo has become a cluster for small businesses providing locally made food, from all over the world. We had lunch at “Via Italia” as Paal Christian Myhre from Meshcrafts is also a chef, and his friend has a food stand serving Italian ecological food.

week two 1

Back in the office Style Advice has a team meeting.

wrap up week two 13

Fireside chat with the CEO of Appear.in, Svein Willassen.

wrap up week two 14

Åsmund Møller Frengstad, CEO of Meshcrafts, and Lasse Søberg, CEO of Someone.io chilling in the Opera bean bags during Fireside Chat.

This week we had an Opera themed week, and we had some great people from Opera mentoring the startups during office hours. We also asked some people out on their thoughts on having 500 in the building with Opera.

IMG_1557-1 “It’s inspiring to have so many fresh, new companies and ideas in the building. I really appreciate this extra startup vitamin-(V)C in this dark winter time in Norway. I especially enjoy all the activities and opportunities where we can get together, share ideas and stories.” – Live Leer, VP Global HR Consumer at Opera Software.

12592645_1688148981470299_9127958324268677810_n“I think this is great, Opera is always trying to renew itself, so having startups in the building is exiting. I´ve been here for almost 10 years, and Opera was kind of a startup when i started. Those of us who are old timers can identify with that startup feeling.”

Next week we have some juicy content in the program in marketing, understanding metrics, scaling, positioning and much more. Neil Murray from The Nordic Web is visiting, and will be joining us for Fireside Chat Evening Wednesday FEB 3rd.

Thank you all for a great week!