Week one went off with a bang, so let’s go through it together. It has been hectic, fun, productive and of course educational.



The startups came in early to see the office space for the first time, and got settled in their seats. Some early birds came in two hours before official kickoff time to get a jump on things (bonus points for them!). After an introduction of the program and overview of the schedule, some do’s and don’ts we were ready for the welcoming night with beer, pizza and a little drunk pitching.


The next day we covered the practical legal stuff, and everyone got an introduction to how important paperwork is. While legal paperwork is not exactly the most the existing thing to learn about it is critical to a startup’s success.




For hump day we had our first day of awesome speakers. Rob Neivert kicked the talks off with some glorious thoughts on fundraising how convertible notes work.
Later in the evening we had our first fireside chat. A candid discussion about how startup life can really be from Micah Baldwin. This included discussions of the many ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life. You could almost feel how the room changed to deadly seriousness when Sean Percival, as the host questioning out Micah. He started to ask the tough questions. He shared with us in open mind and good spirit his journey as a serial entrepreneur, and all 50 shades of startup life….



We were honoured a visit from Aurore and Kristel with some serious pitching practice, and full on focus on branding. This week’s mentors had office hours, and the startups signed up for one on one meetings with Aurore, Kristen, Rob and Micah.



First week done, and it’s time for pitching practice. A lecture in peak productivity by Kristel, and pitching practice(more like the Charlie Sheen roast for entrepreneurs) for the startups by Stina and Sean.


A great week needs a happy ending, and we moved the office party to an underground recording studio. Underground as in deep shit under ground – it was literally in a garage. Museai, also known as “Teddy and the Lovegang”, played the night in with some lovegood vibes.


Midnight tacos (and tequilas) is also a must, so that happened.
We are looking forward to spend the next weeks with you all,
now lets take week number two by the balls and kick some ass.

Thank you all for a great first week!