500 Startups Taking the Nordics to the Opera

Last fall 500 Startups, a leading Silicon Valley venture fund and accelerator, released their plans of expanding to the Nordics. In January they are moving in with Opera Software in Oslo for one month with 12 startups. These companies will go through a comprehensive program and receive hands on mentorship. Opera will also benefit by strengthening its innovation initiatives by getting access to high quality Nordic startups.

500 Nordics, the Nordic subsidiary of 500 Startups, is starting a new era for the northern European startup community, as they have chosen to invest in 12 startups and invited them to a one-month accelerator program running from 18th of January. The accelerator program will run in the office space of Opera Software in Nydalen, Oslo.

“With Norway’s foremost successful international software business 500 Nordics want to share their knowledge to all entrepreneurs participating in 500 Nordics program. Opera want to boost their corporate innovation efforts among its employees, by exposing them to bold startup ideas and entrepreneurial spirits of the 10 startups, which is a new way of thinking corporate innovation” – Stina Liland Nysæther, 500 Startups

Opera pays it forward

In Silicon Valley many large corporations help startups by paying it forward, not only by investing in them, but also with other resources like office space, mentoring, distribution support, and much more. As one of Norway’s largest software companies who is also based in the US this inspired Opera to get involved. With Opera’s incredible depth of global experience, they’re ready to help tomorrow’s next great Viking founder.

”We believe Norwegian and European businesses should be better to help entrepreneurs in early stages. In Silicon Valley they use the term “pay it forward”, which means to do good for others in advance. By inviting entrepreneurs to our offices, and share of our resources we want to help startups in advance. With this initiative we also hope to strengthen our own culture for innovation” –  Live Leer, VP HR in Opera.

500 Nordics helps startups by emphasizing growth marketing, lean startup practices and metrics. Our programs are fairly intensive and feature a number of awesome talks, office hours, events, mentorship and more. We prepare early stage startups to join a larger accelerator program like 500 Startups or YCombinator in California or raise their first seed round. Our programs are unique as they bring in top mentors from the US and around the globe to give our companies hands-on support.

“Opera welcoming 500 Startups to the Nordics” f.l. Stina Liland, Program Director 500 Nordics, and Live Leer, VP HR in Opera.
“Opera welcoming 500 Startups to the Nordics” f.l. Stina Liland, Program Director 500 Nordics, and Live Leer, VP HR in Opera.


About Opera:

Opera enables more than 350 million internet consumers worldwide to connect with the content and services that matter most to them. Opera also helps publishers monetize their content through advertising and advertisers reach the audiences that build value for their businesses, capitalizing on a global consumer audience reach that exceeds 1 billion.

About 500 Nordics:

500 Startups is bringing Silicon Valley best practices to the Nordics. Our main focus is helping Nordic companies expand beyond the region through marketing and distribution. We do this with accelerator programs and by leveraging our 200+ strong mentor network.

In addition to our accelerator programs 500 Nordics operates a $15M USD venture fund focused on early stage startups in the region. We are part of the global network of 500 Startups regional funds. 500 Startups is the most active seed investor in Silicon Valley with over 1400 investments and $200M under management.

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